Who is CISV?

CISV International (formerly Children's International Summer Villages) was founded in 1950 by Doris Twitchell Allen and aims to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world.


CISV operates in over 80 countries (National Associations) under the CISV International umbrella organization. Each NA supports its local chapters.


That's us! We are a "baby chapter" of CISV USA. We just came together and expressed our wish to establish a real CISV chapter in the Austin Texas plus San Antonio area (hence the ATX+SA abbreviation) in the fall of 2015. Now gaining momentum, armed with a great group of volunteers, we have not only our very own executive board and supporting membership, but we also have a very active Junior Branch full of energy, ready to bring the world together!



Currently, in 2016, we focus our efforts on a local program we call "Mosaic". We partnered with a local school in Austin to help refugee kids from all around the Globe to get familiar and settle in our communities.


This means learning English, bringing them together in a constructive, friendly environment filled with opportunities to bind and strive in their new environment.


CISV ATXSA is a 100% volunteer powered non-profit organization. You can help by becoming a member and join us in all the goodness we do, or you can donate to us to help achieve our goals.


Either way we appreciate your help!





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Call us at (512) 763-2478


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